Anschutz 1417 Thumbhole Deluxe .22LR


The Anschutz 1417 – one of the most accurate 22LR hunting rifles available today. With a match grade barrel and superlative trigger, this model is equally matched on a target range as well as being a supreme hunting rifle.

This model has the deluxe thumbhole walnut stock with a threaded barrel.  The action has an 11mm dovetail groove for the fitting of an optic.

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Anschutz 1417 Thumbhole Deluxe .22LR

Utilising the tried and trusted Match 64 action, Anschutz 1417 Thumbhole Deluxe has a lighter construction than the Match 54. Because of its precision, outstanding quality and service life, it is also used in our small bore target rifle model 1417. Thousands of small bore marksmen around the world have had their first experience and their first success using this rifle. The same of a light weight and precise action are attributes also valued by hunters and explains why the ANSCHÜTZ rifle receives such high marks from both target shooters and hunters alike.

ANSCHÜTZ rifles offer wonderfully crafted, extremely precise rimfire rifles for competition or for hunting small game and predators. With low noise, high precision, and minimal damage to the game or pelt, they are well suited for more urban areas.

One or two stage triggers are available, along with a two-stage match trigger, which is also used in the ANSCHÜTZ 1903 target rifle. Barrels are manufactured using the same special process perfected for use in the target rifles. The same attention to detail is given to the fitting of the receiver and the counter bore at the muzzle. The barrel is threaded to take a moderator.

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