Sabatti TLD Red Rifle


A purpose built long range F-Class or Open Class Rifle, but without the usual price tag.

The TLD is one of the most innovative and accurate high performance rifles on the market today. It is also somewhat of an eyecatcher.

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Sabatti TLD RED

The Sabatti TLD RED long range rifle is intended for both traditional 300-m shooting and Long Distance, the discipline this rifle is named after.

This model was designed and engineered by Sabatti in co-operation with the well-known “BCM” company in America. It represents a natural evolution towards very technical and high performance competition rifles that meet the requests of very demanding and knowledgeable shooters.

This bolt action rifle was not a development of an existing hunting action. It was actually designed and built specifically for competition shooting, featuring perfect alignment of bolt and barrel and perfect fit of lugs and frame to maximize contact surfaces.

Despite being inspired by F-Class and Open Category stocks, the addition of a removable magazine makes it usable in all competitions. In fact, the way the action fits the stock is what tells this rifle apart.

Innovative Design

Stock and frame do not touch like they normally do. The frame is actually “suspended” above the stock by means of a front “V” block, that also functions as a recoil lug, and a rear round cradle, which eliminates stress and improves shooting. We have named this self-regulating system “SUSPENDED ACTION” where bedding is not only unnecessary but also potentially limiting.

Mechanism, bolt and magazine are all machined from solid bars of high quality steel. Their surface is hard, but their core is soft, which makes them super strong, but not fragile.

The 3-tenon locking mechanism is also responsible for a very fast 60 opening. The new guillotine-type extractor helps support the rim o the shell while seating in the bolt head, thus minimizing the risk of abnormal deformation.

The bolt is ground for precision tolerances and chromed for protection against oxidation caused by exposure to combustion residues as well as wear.

The chroming and extreme polishing of all sliding surfaces yield a very smooth operation which translates into more speed and less stress on a shooter who does not have to deal with bolts that get stuck or do not run smoothly.

The barrels of the Sabatti TLD RED are cold hammer forged and feature the MRR Multiradial Rifling, now considered as synonymous of precision and reliability by shooters the world over.

The trigger mechanism can be either a 3-lever Match or the new 2-step one (DSMT), whose excellent performance we constantly strive to improve. The stock in the TLD model is an evolution of an “F-Class” stock and it is definitely geared towards competition. It is made of a new multilayer laminated material of Italian origin, much stronger than the materials coming from Northern Europe.

The result is a more rigid stock which improves performance overall. And as we felt we “owed” our shooters a chance to further customize their rifles, rather than having to adjust to it, all our TLD come standard with adjustable cheek piece and spacers for LOP adjustment.

As a result, the Sabatti TLD RED is one of the most innovative and high performance rifles on the market today whose modern captivating lines do not go unnoticed.

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