Umarex Trevox 177 Break Barrel Air Pistol


Umarex Trevox 177 Break Barrel Air Pistol

Nothing beats the speed and simplicity of the Umarex Trevox airgun. This break-barrel pellet-firing air pistol is powered by the Umarex TNT gas piston and has an integral Silence/Air suppressor. This combination makes this the perfect pistol for close range pest control.

The Trevox is larger than most pellet pistols, but can still be fired one-handed. The adjustable sights and exceptional velocity make the Trevox a dependably accurate gun capable of lethal hits on small pests. One of the most comfortable break barrel handguns ever made you’ll want to be sure and have one on-hand for rats, garden protection, or just some fun target shooting and plinking.



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Umarex Trevox 177 Break Barrel Air Pistol

This Umarex Trevox 177 Break Barrel air pistol has the outstanding Turbo Nitrogen Technology (T.N.T.) gas piston. Capable of shooting lead pellets at 540 fps, and alloy pellets at speeds up to 600 fps, the hard-hitting Trevox is up to the task for target shooting and plinking.

Simply cock the grooved barrel and you’re ready to shoot! Take aim with the included fibre-optic sights, or mount your own optics to the 11mm Dovetail rail. The Trevox features a 3 chamber Silenc Air baffle system to keep your shots quiet.

If you want power in a pistol platform without the need for Co2 capsules, make the Trevox your go-to airgun.

Umarex Trevox Gas Piston Air Pistol

  • TNT gas piston
  • SilencAir – noise dampener
  • Reinforced SilencAir is the cocking handle
  • Fiber optic sights
  • 18.25″ overall length
  • 3.15lbs

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